You can be a part of the community response to hunger by donating funds to help pay for weekend backpacks.


To donate, click the “DONATE TODAY” button and type “for SHUP WW-P” or “for LITTLE FREE PANTRY” in the Additional Comments box. 

are programs of Mercer Street Friends 


Send Hunger Packing WW-P sends a thank you to the West Windsor Community for its support of others. Special thank you to the scouts of Troop 40 for going above and beyond again this year and to Aryaman Tomar’s leadership. To the WAC as fabulous venue and to its staff Liza, Eddie and Bob.

Thank you to local Girl Scouts and the families of the  Gratitude and Abundance group.

If pictures tell the story these show how the community came together on this windy MLK Day.

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 7.01.41 PM.png


Thank you to Sandra Wang and the InMotion group for their donation of $125.






Thank you to the Gratitude Group and the work of all the children involved in helping the food insecure in the WW-P School District for raising $700.






















Sewa Diwali food drive November 2021. A thank you to the Sewa Diwali food drive and Niyati Agrawal and the group’s efforts in collecting and donating over 2,400 lbs. of food to Mercer Street Friends




“Become your Dream"

Thank you to Christina Wilson and the Junior League of Greater Princeton for building 108 weekend nutritional bags for the SHUP WW-P program. 



Thank you to Dr. Marc Rubenstein and Navigate Health for a recent food collection for Mercer Street Friends:

Image 11-4-21 at 5.19 PM (1).jpg
Image 11-4-21 at 5.19 PM.jpg
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Send Hunger Packing WW-P and The Little Free Pantry supports the work of the Gratitude and Abundance Group. In support of the walk, Martin Whitfield of WAC wrote:


Gratitude & Appreciation is the foundation for building deeper connections for a happy, healthy, thriving community. Our Annual Gratitude Walk is a journey towards fulfilling this vision.

A day dedicated to bringing people together to express gratitude & acknowledge many blessings bestowed in our lives. A time to reflect & give heartfelt thanks to all people and the organizations of the community who are striving to make positive influences in many lives.

We hope to all join hands & pledge to Pay Forward by getting involved in community service and making the world a better place.

With so much going on in this World, Country, State & Township, we also want to bring the beautiful diverse members of our township together.

So, let us come together, be thankful and appreciative for our community, our wonderful school district and it's leaders, our township leadership, family blessings, safe environment, awesome friends and neighbors, diverse backgrounds, health, wellness, religious freedoms, lifestyle, sports teams, positive livelihood, social connections, atmosphere, great police and fire departments and so much more.

The 4th Annual Gratitude Walk will take place outside at the Windsor Athletic Club on Sunday, October 24th, beginning at 11:30am.

This is the Windsor Athletic Club (WAC): 'Where we are dedicated to serving, empowering, enlightening and enhancing our beautiful community and it's residents, each and every day!'

SHuP WW-P is working with WW-P Foods Services to help families in our communities. For a short time, SHuP is seeking funds to provide grocery store cards to community families as a safe way to provide supplemental nutrition.

Grocery Card - Send Hunger Packing Card.
Grocery Card - Send Hunger Packing Card.


To donate, go to, select “Donate Today” and type “for SHUP WW-P” in the Additional Comments box.  Mercer Street Friends is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.  Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law:  Tax ID# 21-0733990.